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MOS Glass Cyprus was founded in 2001 by Turkish Cypriot entrepreneurs in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company provided the supply of single glazing and double glazing orders with machine-sized glasses in the establishment, and it started the cutting process with larger glasses with the Jumbo size cutting line it established in 2007.


Flat Glass

It is also called colorless glass, plate glass or sheet glass, and it does not contain any dyestuffs.

Double Glazed Glass

Double glazing is produced up to 3 meters, 3 cm and graded glass. With this technology, which is the first on the island, a quality and aesthetic image application is made.

Solar Control Glass

As its very name signifies, these are glasses with increased insulation properties with a low-emission (Low-E) coating developed for heat control.


Cutting process on glass and mirrors is made with special hardened and angled steel circular metals called diamonds. Special cutting oil is used to minimize friction during the cutting process.


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INFORMATION: +90 392 444 45 27

DOMESTIC SALES: +90 548 855 85 24

OVERSEAS SALE: +90 548 885 85 17

+357 965 763 76


Haspolat Organize Sanayi District
Özgürlük Avenue No: 9 / PK: 20
Haspolat – Nicosia/TRNC

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