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Tinted Glass

Tinted glasses can be used both indoors and outdoors. Although it is used for aesthetic and decoration purposes, it also reduces heat and light transmittance as a result of coloring.

They are glasses colored with oxides thrown into the blend during glass production. These are mostly blue, green, bronze and grey colors.
They are glass products with transparency.

Tinted glasses are made with organic or inorganic dyes applied to the flat glass. Inorganic paints made before tempering show enameling property by penetrating the glass surface after tempering. These are paints cooked at 650-700 degrees. In the painting method applied after tempering or on glasses that will not be tempered, organic dyes are used. This paint is applied to the glass surface with paint gun or serigraph and the durability of the paint is ensured with the hardener thrown into the paint to be applied to the glass.

However, it is not a suitable coloring method for outdoor application. In this coloring method, all colors in the RAL catalog can be transferred.


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